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Specialist Haulage

How do you move something very heavy?

To move heavy objects requires a good knowledge of physics, experience and also the right equipment.

How do you remove heavy objects?

Heavy objects are removed using the correct equipment, for example, specialist HGV vehicles fitted with cranes,  jacks, lifting bars, steel rollers, machine skates, chain block and tackle and also some bespoke equipment.

How do you get a heavy item upstairs?

There are a number of ways available other than just lifting. We can set up winch points to pull items up or sometimes miss out the stairs altogether and lift items through the window with cranes.

What is the best way to move heavy objects?

The best way to safely move heavy objects would be to call professionals. They would use a mixture of jacks and lifting equipment coupled with pallet trucks or machine skates depending on the weight of the object.

What equipment is used to move heavy objects?

There are many pieces of equipment that can be utilised to move heavy objects. We have lorry-mounted cranes and lots of equipment i.e gantrys, block and tackles, jacks, lifting bars, rollers, pallet trucks and much more!

How do you transport heavy items?

Heavy items require heavy goods vehicles to transport them, preferably fitted with lorry-mounted cranes to make loading much easier.


How much can a HIAB crane lift?

The biggest Hiab cranes, or lorry mounted cranes as they are known can realistically lift up to around 30,000kgs approx 5 meters away from the lorry.

Can a HIAB lift over a house?

Yes, HIAB’s with the right attachments can lift over a house.

How far can a HIAB truck reach?

Generally, the larger HIAB lorries have a reach of approx 33 meters.

How much does a crane lift cost?

Crane lifts can vary greatly in price depending on the size of the lorry-mounted crane required and the time needed on site. Generally, lifts would start from around £400 upwards.

How does a HIAB crane work?

HIAB cranes get their lifting power from a series of hydraulic rams fitted to the lifting arms. These rams are usually controlled using a remote.

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